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The Delaware Ohio Daily Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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Today is frog jumping day

Delaware Ohio News, Featured Stories, and Some Miscellany for the Day

Local News

Lima 41st Arts Festival to be a full house

City of Delaware: Street Paving Work: Update Back up and running [Read more…]

What is 4-H?


At some point or another you’ve  probably heard about 4-H. It’s commonly known  as activity for people who live in the country or who have animals; but 4-H can be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests.

As  a 12 year member and president of a Delaware county club i can say say that 4-H has made a huge impact on my life. I’ve learned many skill like being able to speak in public and do interviews. Some of these skills are things kids and teens are never taught in school and 4-H provides that opportunity for them. So what exactly is 4-H?

4-H stands for the four “H” words that represent the ethics of the organization:

Head – Managing and Thinking

Heart – Relating and Caring

Hands – Giving and Working

Health – Being and Living

Delaware county is home to around 75 clubs and offers over 200 projects. A few of the project areas include art, cooking, science, large and small animals, and much more. You can become a member or “cloverbud” if you are between the ages of 5 and 19. Adults can also become advisers or volunteers.

Throughout the year members work on their projects along with community services and fundraisers. Members can also participate in local or state fairs.

The fair is one of the main highlights of the 4-H year. Members get to display what they have learned about their project to everyone while having fun with their friends and seeing what other people have done through their projects. Many members also get paid some money for participating. Market animal projects and baking projects also have the opportunity to go to auction where local businesses bid on the food or animal. Through the this the businesses support 4-H and the members get to keep most of the profits from their item.

Over the years i’ve done over 15 different projects. Projects are books that teach you about a certain thing you want to learn like cooking or how to care for  an animal while giving you hands on experience. Advisers, volunteers, and parents usually help the members with these.

Before fair members get interviewed by people of experience in their project area. I remember that first year sitting down in front of this adult and being terrified. Now interviews are something i look forward to because i know i have the experience and can speak in front of people without getting nervous. Over the years 4-H has also doubled my resume and experience and given me the opportunity to work in a somewhat professional environment as a leader. 4-H can even open up scholarship opportunities for kids who are graduating and have participated in 4-H.

As a member i got to participate in and come up with many interesting fundraisers and community service projects. One of these was creating a movie night series for  my township in a local park. We advertised and got sponsors and even helped a local wildcat sanctuary by creating a short movie to urge the community to get involved and donate supplies. We also worked our own concession stand and taught the younger members how to do things like take orders and give change.

4-H has helped shaped me into the person i am today and has helped me learn to love things i never thought i would enjoy doing. It provides a new learning experience for kids and teens as well as way to meet new friends, find new interests and make memories.

You can get involved by contacting your local extension office or going to


The Delaware Daily – Thursday, March 6, 2014

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We’re having a heat wave….

Delaware Ohio News, Featured Stories, and Some Miscellany for the Day

Local News

NBC4i: Train Derailment Investigation Focuses On Wheel 4-H Season on the horizon: Sunbury/Galena 4-H Open House March 22 Freeze Out 2014 temperatures mild, annual HSDC event generated $2,910

Main Street Delaware First Friday (March 7, 2014)

Central Ohio News   Police Debunk Kidnapping Claims at Malls First Financial Bank brings appetite for Wendy’s and other franchising to Central Ohio

Ohio News Ohio to conduct Common Core practice tests this spring

National News  The Iditarod National Historic Trail


The Moscow Times:  Ukraine Uncertainty Depressing Growth and Investment


USA Today: Cleveland Browns uniforms will get a ‘cutting-edge’ overhaul in 2015 

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Today is Dentist Day. Give him/her thanks for your smile!

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Smile…it sure beats frowning.

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Delaware County 4-H Open House Events – Saturday March 15 & 22

 Discover what 4-H has to offer

Delaware County 4-H will host two open house events this month in Delaware and Galena. The Delaware event is 9:30 to 11:30 AM, Saturday, March 15 at the Willis Government Building, 2079 US HWY 23 North, Delaware. Please park east of the light poles for this event.  The Galena event is 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, Saturday, March 22 at the Galena United Methodist Church, 2777 Sunbury Road, Galena.

Youth ages 5 to 19 can participate in hands-on experiences – learning about things like bottle rockets, photography, electricity, cooking, sewing, art, leadership, natural resources, gardening, animal sciences and much more.  Information about 4-H projects is also available at Ohio 4-H Project Central, a web site that offers previews of project books,

4-H clubs in communities across Delaware County are enrolling new members in March and early April.  Enrollment deadline is April 15.  For more information about joining a 4-H club, visit  or call the Delaware County Extension office at 740-833-2030.